ABRHS Project Graduation 2020

Planning for Project Graduation 2020 began last fall in it's traditional way to celebrate our new AB graduates in the form of an all-night party held at the high school on graduation night. Little did we know that the scope of the entire event would change due to a pandemic! In coordination with the school administration, we began to think outside the box and plan other ways to celebrate the seniors who were not able to experience a traditional graduation ceremony or the post graduation celebration. A huge thank you to local businesses and parents for their donations. Without your support, we would not have been able to celebrate our seniors in the following ways:

* The Support-A-Grad program ... Every senior received a gift card and congratulatory note from a community member.

* Gift Bags containing car decorating supplies were given to each senior to ensure that everyone could festively participate in the Rolling Rally.

* The Rolling Rally ... Seniors enjoyed decorating their cars and parading down Rt 111 from the Boxboro Regency to the high school. It was a tremendous display of AB school spirit on an all-important milestone day as the community came out to cheer on the parade!

* Decorations for "Diploma Hill" where Principal Dorey distributed diplomas to the graduates.

* Post Diploma pictures ... After receiving their diplomas, graduates and their families were given the opportunity to have photos taken by local and talented volunteer photographers.

* Banners congratulating the Class of 2020 were hung throughout Acton and Boxboro.

The Project Graduation 2020 efforts were a gigantic collaboration with the ABRHS school administration, PTSO, Acton & Boxboro Police Departments, the Boxboro Regency AND Project Graduation. It's important for the community to know that all those hands were a part of making it happen! We are a very lucky community!


Our Story

The original Project Graduation was held in Oxford Hills, Maine in 1980, a year after their deadliest commencement season, when 12 teenagers (five in one crash alone) lost their lives to drug and alcohol-related incidents.

In 1989, the parents in Acton and Boxborough Massachusetts held their first Project Graduation celebration at ABRHS to:

  • Provide a memorable, fun and safe celebration for graduating seniors

  • Help prevent our community's young adults from becoming accident statistics

  • Allow parents to rest easy because their children are safely celebrating with peers

  • Help keep our teens safe

We need $30,000 and lots of volunteers to throw an all-night party with prizes, food and activities for over 450 graduating seniors. Over the years this has been made possible by generous parent donations, business donations, a small ticket fee, and hundreds of volunteer hours.

There's no telling how many lives are saved by Project Graduation. Please help us make it a success by contributing time or money or both!

Thank you,

Jennifer Mabardy & Jennifer Philion

PG21 Co-Chairs