Our Story 

Since 1989, ABRHS Project Graduation has been hosting Grad Night—a safe, substance-free, all-night “lock-in” party for the ABRHS senior class. Each year, approximately 90% of the graduating class attends the all-night event. Grad Night is made possible by many parent volunteer hours, community fundraisers, parent donations, business donations, food donations, and a small ticket fee. We receive no funding from the school budget.  

The history of Project Graduation and Grad Night

Back in 1979, the community of Oxford Hills, Maine experienced 12 alcohol and drug related teen deaths during the commencement season that year. In the wake of these tragedies, the community rallied together to offer the next year’s seniors a safe and alternative event. The party was called “Project Graduation”. The event was a huge success and became a nation-wide movement, helping to protect the lives of graduating seniors across the country. 

For us, Grad Night has become much more than an event that occurs on graduation night. It is a community-wide planning process that strives to create a caring, supportive and safe environment for our grads during this very exciting time in their lives. Check out the photos from previous Grad Nights.

We raise over $25,000 each year and recruit hundreds of volunteers to throw an all-night party with prizes, food, and activities for over 450 graduating seniors. There's no telling how many lives are saved by Grad Night. Please help us continue our success by contributing time, money or both!  

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PG Chair

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