Freshman,Sophomore & Junior Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians of ABRHS Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors:

Since 1989, parents and community members have offered Project Graduation,​ an all ­night party exclusively for graduating seniors. Our goal is to provide an evening of fun and safety on graduation night, free from alcohol and drugs, but packed with friends and entertainment.

Project Graduation ​has been a great success with over 90% of the senior class attending. The common areas of the high school are decorated with a secret theme selected early each year. There’s plenty of food and things to do, including a DJ, mechanical bull, arcade & casino­ style games, ping­ pong, green­ screen photos, basketball, and more to keep the new graduates entertained and celebrated. Senior parents can get a good night’s sleep after a long day of ceremony and celebration, knowing that their young adults are safely enjoying themselves for a mere $20.00 admission.

Unlike other communities who ask senior parents to do all the work on senior parties and celebrations, this event is planned and hosted by parents and guardians of ABRHS juniors, sophomores and freshmen with participation and support from the Acton­-Boxborough community. The parents and guardians of seniors are encouraged to enjoy all the excitement and activities that graduation season brings and do not work on Project Graduation the year their graduating senior attends. We would like to invite you to participate and experience the magic of Project Graduation.​

Ways to Help

  • Plan​. Volunteer to serve on the PG Committee. It's a great way to get in on the action. Many areas still need help.
  • Volunteer. ​Help set­ up, decorate, chaperone, manage, or breakdown one or more of the varied activities offered at Project Graduation.
  • Support. ​Make a cash donation directly to Project Graduation (a 501c(3) tax­-exempt organization). You can donate using a credit/debit card ​(without a fee) , or by mailing a check (payable to ABRPTSO Project Graduation) to Project Graduation, P.O. Box 2414, Acton MA 01720. You can also participate in our fundraisers. Check them out here!

Please join us in producing Project Graduation this year to help celebrate and send­ off our seniors in a way they will truly appreciate and remember. Your community will be providing a similar opportunity for your children in two or three years, when your sons and daughters will be graduating from AB.