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Keep Our Teens Safe on Graduation Night

Dear Parents & ABRHS Families,

Project Graduation is an all night, drug and alcohol free event offered to our graduating seniors as an alternative to party hopping—keeping graduates and their friends off the roads. This event is an opportunity for seniors to celebrate with all their classmates in a fun and safe environment. Festivities include live entertainment, lots of food, games, commemorative items, prizes, and so much more.

You can help in many different ways :

Project Graduation is a "501c3 Tax-Exempt Organization." This means that not only are your generous contributions tax deductible, but if your company or business has a matching donation program, Project Graduation can benefit with an additional gift. Check with your HR department and see if they offer such a program. If so, simply send in your company's matching donation form with your own donation check and we'll handle the rest.